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Prisma Health Childrens hospital site & employee portal redesign

Prisma Health had come to us as Palmetto Childrens asking for a redesign of their site. The goal was to show children the friendly fun atmosphere of the hospital to ease fears during what is an uncertain time for them. 

We were able to leverage existing creative from previous campaigns as well as interior photography to add some light to the site. As well as bring in actual child patient imagery to make more of a connection.

After the success we had with the Prisma Health Children's Hospital re-design they came to us needing their employee portal reconfigured after a merger with another hospital network.

We took some user research and decided what to keep from each system, what to combine, and what to reimagine. Knowing we would need to combine some learned behaviors with some UX that would still be recognizable from the old systems, we built a hybrid portal and utilized a screen overlay tutorial to easy the transition into the new system.

Role: Design Director

Team: Content Strategist, Digital Strategist, Frontend Lead, Tech Lead, QA Lead

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